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  • Online Research Tools - a simple Google search or use of LexisNexis or Westlaw is not sufficient to adequately research an expert and may not yield information that is needed on other topics. This page contains several free tools and links to websites that will help attorneys conduct more thorough online research.
  • A Simplified Guide to Forensic Science - the National Forensic Science Technology Center created this website to explain in simplified terms the principles of each type of forensic analysis and how the analysis is performed. Topics include DNA, digital evidence, fingerprints, firearms, trace evidence, blood stains, and more.
  • NIJ Funded Software Tools, Apps and Databases - the NIJ has a number of free or low cost software tools that may be of assistance in understanding forensic evidence.
  • Sample Cross-Examination Transcripts - this website has posted sample direct and cross-examinations of various forensic witnesses, including a firearm/toolmark expert, fingerprint expert, pathologist, DNA expert, and other forensic experts.
  • Scientific Web Resources for Judges - this website contains a comprehensive list of resources on scientific evidence for judges and other legal professionals.
  • Post Mortem: Death Investigation in America - Frontline program on the state of death investigation in the United States.
  • Shaken-Baby Syndrome Faces New Questions in Court - from New York Times Magazine
  • National Clearinghouse for Science, Technology & the Law A comprehensive website of forensic science resources. Be sure to try the searchable database which locates books, articles, cases, law reviews and websites based on the topic of forensic science that you search.
  • Forensic Training Sponsored by NIJ - this database lists several programs and many are free.
  • Florida Forensic Science - this website is a collaboration between the Orlando Public Defender and the National Center for Forensic Science at UC Florida. The site has links to many helpful training videos that help attorneys understand forensic science evidence.
  • Massachusetts Committee for Public Counsel Services This website contains forensic science resources by topic.
  • Fingerprint Terms A collection of over 1000 terms used in fingerprint identification
  • eyeID.org Defense attorneys can get a password and have access to articles, case law, briefs, best practices, motions and more related to eyewitness identification. This website is a joint effort of the Innocence Project, the National Legal Aid & Defender Association, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia.
  • "Convicting the Innocent": Data and Materials - this online library contains case documents and research data on topics such as forensics and eyewitness misidentifications. Compiled by Prof. Brandon Garrett in his study of the first 250 DNA exonerations.