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Transcripts Database

This table contains links to trial testimony regarding forensic science evidence. If the portion of the transcript you are looking for is not posted, you can contact Sarah Rackley Olson to see if it is available.

WitnessCaseType of CaseWitness's EmployerWitness ProponentArea of ExpertiseTranscript
Paul Glover Davis v. Sgt. Peppers Civil DHHS Plaintiff Retrograde Extrapolation Davis 
Paul Glover DWI, 2013 DWI DHHS State Retrograde Extrapolation and other Atty James Davis 
Paul Glover In re: Morgan Civil - Refusal Hearing DHHS State Intoxilyzer 5000/alcohol testing In re: Morgan 
Paul Glover State v. Aroner DWI DHHS State Retrograde Extrapolation Aroner 
Paul Glover State v. Bombard DWI DHHS State Retrograde Extrapolation Bombard 
Paul Glover State v. Brown DWI DHHS State Retrograde Extrapolation Brown 
Paul Glover State v. Green DWI DHHS State Retrograde Extrapolation Green 
Paul Glover State v. Marvin DWI DHHS State Retrograde Extrapolation Marvin 
Paul Glover State v. Norman DWI DHHS State Retrograde Extrapolation Norman 
Paul Glover State v. Patterson DWI DHHS State Retrograde Extrapolation Patterson 
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