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Case Consultation

The IDS Forensic Resource Counsel is available to provide confidential forensic consultation on any public defender, private appointed counsel, or IDS contractor case in North Carolina courts. Please contact the Forensic Resource Counsel to schedule a case consultation. Advice cannot be given if a conflict of interest exists.

It is the policy of the IDS Forensic Resource Counsel to protect the confidentiality of all communications regarding case consultation. Any information provided during a consultation with the Forensic Resource Counsel will be treated as confidential client information and covered under the Rules of Professional Conduct as appropriate. Release of any confidential information discussed with the Forensic Resource Counsel will require informed consent of the client whose information is requested.

Sarah Rackley Olson
Forensic Resource Counsel
Indigent Defense Services
123 West Main Street, Suite 400
Durham, NC 27701
Phone 919-354-7217
Fax 919-354-7201