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The list is compiled based upon the experts' appearance or work in prior cases, either for the State or the defense, and not upon any assessment of whether an expert is the appropriate expert for a specific case.

Name Robert J. Garrett 
Address IDMAN Forensics, LLC 
City Denver 
State NC 
Phone 704-489-2186 
Fax 732-907-1138 
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Experience/Expertise Able to provide assistance with case reviews, review of evidence, trial preparation, fingerprint analysis and comparisons and crime scene reconstruction. Equipped to process and/or evaluate evidence for latent fingerprints, impression marks, document alteration, blood spatter and examination by special photographic and imaging techniques. Certified Latent Print Examiner (IAI). Member of SWGFAST, the Expert Working Group on Human Factors in Latent Print Analysis (NIST/NIJ), and the IAI Standardization II Committee on Latent Print Standards. Former IAI President. Has worked for the state and the defense. Editor of "The Fingerprint Sourcebook" (NIJ 2012). 
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