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The list is compiled based upon the experts' appearance or work in prior cases, either for the State or the defense, and not upon any assessment of whether an expert is the appropriate expert for a specific case.

Name Mark T. Boodee, MFS, D-ABC 
Address KRSA - Forensics 
City Raleigh 
State NC 
Zip 27613 
Phone 919-442-8839 
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Experience/Expertise Over 28 years experience in forensic DNA analysis (RFLPs and STR analysis). Worked over 1000 cases and qualified 100+ times as an expert witness in Federal and State Superior Court. Served in numerous leadership roles (SAC, ASAC, CODIS State Administrator, Quality Control). Certified as a Diplomate by the American Board of Criminalistics. Extensive lab auditing experience as a lead and technical auditor with ASCLD-LAB and FQS using the FBI’s QAS document. 
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